Donuts are Magic

15 Sep

sprinkle donutThere are things I remember about donuts and there are things I don’t.  I remember the smell of coffee and Dunkin Donuts from my childhood.  I remember going to the local donut shop with my boyfriend late at night when the donuts were fresh out of the oven. I vaguely remember how that warm glazed buttermilk bar tasted. I remember stopping at the Quick Mart for gas and a package of miniature powdered sugar donuts  on the three-hour drive to my best friend’s house. I remember taking my kids for donuts once in a while on a Sunday morning. I remember how much fun they had picking out which one they wanted.   The thing I remember most about donuts is that they delivered what I was looking for.  There is something so satisfying about a donut. At least that’s how I remember it.

donutWhat I don’t remember are the details. I don’t remember exactly what that red jelly-like substance in the middle of the donut tasted like when it mixed with the fluffy dough and the powdered sugar, or the unique cakiness of a glazed old fashioned, or whether or not I felt sick or bad about myself after eating all six of those mini powdered delights (okay, I might remember that).

jelly donutNot remembering is what makes being gluten-free tolerable. If I go long enough without a thing, if I let myself get desperate enough for the idea of something, like a Dunkin Donut or a Krispy Kreme, then I find that the pathetic and poor substitute of the thing is entirely satisfying.  If you want to further ensure this outcome, give up more things first. Don’t stop at gluten. Deprive yourself of sugar too. That way when you are standing in front of the gluten-free section of your local grocery store, you will be so  utterly tempted by the frozen donuts staring back at you that you won’t care how much they cost or that you have to microwave them to eat them or that they have  names like Kinnikinnick and Glutino , you will only care that they are called donuts and you can eat them.

4 Responses to “Donuts are Magic”

  1. Robin September 16, 2013 at 12:11 am #

    You probably know, but for others: Staff of Life in Santa Cruz has some good gluten free options, baked right on the premises. Breads: sandwich and chia both seem light and soft, not dense and hard, pies: taste great, I’m not gluten free, but bring these to potlucks frequently, and donuts: kinda like Hostess donettes, but healthy. True though, of the 3 the donuts are probably least like the real gluten-y thing. I like ’em though.

  2. akismet-415a3572d9d070bcd2c80dc0f90c46f9ra D September 16, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    Glutino, really? And Robin, I’m sorry, but those baked goods at Staff of Life? I remember years ago, the first time I bought a fruit tart there. It looks just like the real thing–those luscious concoctions from The Farm, a complete replica, but when you bit into it–oh, the vile disappointment. And those HAD gluten in them! The gluten-free versions–well, they’re just not the same. I’m sorry.

    Sarah, I’ve never been a donut fan, though I do eat a plain old-fashioned, my father’s favorite once every few years, just in tribute to him, so donuts would not be on my loss list if I had to give up gluten…but scones….oh!

  3. Halo September 16, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    I miss doughnuts…but even so I cannot stomach the free from ones in stores here in the UK. I barely remember what “real” doughnuts taste like, but it sure as hell isn’t that! I have a recipe for Buck’s Fizz Mini Doughnuts up on my blog if you’re interested, no, not at all the same as jammy filled ones, but very very popular with gluten free and gluten fine alike! X

  4. Eve & Faye December 5, 2013 at 9:34 am #

    I miss doughnuts too – they don’t even seem to attempt GF ones in the UK 😦

    Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

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